Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It's not my fault, it just fell....

<whistles innocently>

I have, for the longest time, been very taken with the wonderful ripple blankets that Lucy at Attic 24 makes:

Attic24 ripple blanket

I think one would look just fine on our bed. And this is not helped at all by the fact that Lucy has the same bedding as us in this photo, oh no no no. It just helps me to visualise it all the more.

The one thing that has prevented me from making such a blanket simply is the cost. My usual tactic is to start with a few balls, then add more and more. That way, I hide the true cost from myself. I like to use different types, textures and shades as I think that adds so much to a granny blanket - after all, they're not supposed to be beautiful and uniform, are they? Originally they were made from odds and ends, and I like to take this approach with my own blankets. However, unlike Granny squares, the problem with a ripple blanket is that you need to plan the colours carefully and additional textures won't add anything (in fact I think they would detract) because the pattern is so busy anyway. This is pure colour work. Which means planning in advance, in a line with several shades, which tends to = £££.

I didn't want to make a family heirloom from really cheap acrylic either, especially as this is a grown up thing. I hope it will be used and admired for many years to come. 

Today, I happened to Google "sale yarns". Don't do this, ever. Anyway, I found an online retailer that was selling Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton for 99p a ball, reduce from £3.65. Some were slightly more expensive (£1.69) but still, that's a hefty saving. So I indulged. Then I realised quite how many colours I would need for it to be effective, and how many balls of each, but by that stage it was too late - I was hooked. This is what I bought:

Ripple yarn collage 1

Ripple yarn collage 2

I bought them from Stash and Kangeroo.

I needn't say much more, need I? Just gaze lovingly at the wonderful colours and drool. Well, that's what I shall be doing anyway. No licking the screen allowed, lovelies!

It was very, very naughty. But oh, oh so nice......



  1. Wow, I love Lucy's use of colour, and just wish I was braver with colour. I love your colour choice as well, and think the blanket will look great. I might have to do a "google search" of my own!

  2. I love her site too, I am just to scared to take the rainbow-hued plunge, maybe I can sneak bits and bobs in a little at a time! Brighten up my beige biscuit and oatmeal home!!