Tuesday, 5 January 2010


We have snow. Lots and lots of snow, the schools are closed and everyfink.

I have my tax return to do. This has involved me doing the filing, which has involved looking at the Scary Paperwork. My heart is still banging against my chest like I'm about to have a coronary. Now I have to process said paperwork into an Excel spreadsheet and send it off to the accountant.

This is needing more bravery than I currently possess. But the filing is done already. Anxiety is the pits; I don't know whether to feel dreadfully sorry for myself, or proud of myself for having achieved what I have thus far. I have demolished a packet of chocolate biscuits whilst pondering this.

Catch you later, hopefully when I am free of this heinous task. Baby steps....


  1. poor you, tax returns are always horrid at the best of times.

  2. Thanks, Charlotte, I appreciate the sympathy! All done now though :o)