Friday, 17 April 2009

Project 15: Dotty Bird Coasters


Did I mention we're having a new kitchen?! Well, it's far from finished yet. Poor old Dom has just completed the fourth coat of caulking on the wood panelling, and he's made the funky white leather chairs for our breakfast bar, but otherwise progress is slow. I thought I would cheer myself up with some coasters, inspired by Emma Bridgwater, that I completed again at Langlands. They took an hour or so, but I enjoyed myself painting them and they make me smile just hanging around the place. I especially like the texture on the bird tile, and will try to replicate this in future.

Project 14: updated


Project 14 is a long old one! I have made and edged 57 squares to date, at a total of 40 mins per square - that's an impressive 38 hours so far! Still to do:

  • 11 more squares to crochet and edge (7.5 hours)

  • I have all the sewing in of ends to do (10 per square x 68 squares = 680 ends to sew in!)

  • Joining the squares (I am scared to read this far ahead in the pattern for fear of demotivation)

  • Edging the blanket (still not sure whether to do the wet sand colour, or something else)

I thought I would post some pics to prove I have been keeping busy and not bunking off ;)