Friday, 28 November 2014

Interior Design

What colour cushions do I need for my dining room? And how many? Just a couple on each sofa, or an abundance?

I am the very model of indecision. Any advice on artwork for the plain walls also appreciated, as what we have no longer goes.

Our house is a 150 year old cottage, which has been extended well beyond it's initial footprint within the last 10 years. This means that some rooms are traditional, with fireplaces and features - and we've decorated with a cottagey, shabby chic style in those rooms. However some, like the dining room, are quite modern and I don't think the shabby chic thing works as well. The wallpaper in the dining room was inspired by my collection of retro crockery. This whole retro style is new to me, so I am lacking in confidence a bit. The walls are a plain, neutral grey-beige (Dulux Egyptian Cotton), the sofas are cream leather and the table, sideboard and skirting boards are oak. Therefore, everything else is very neutral.

All ideas appreciated :-)