Monday, 11 January 2010

If you could be anywhere...

from Country Living, Jan 2010

Have you got a 'happy place'? I'm not sure I like that expression very much, it sounds a little patronising. I mean a place in your imagination where you'd like to be?

I have two places, and they have been with me for some years. The first is a place just like the above - so much like it, in fact, that looking at this picture quite took my breath away. It's a modern, glass and steel Grand Designs sort of home, that has squashy settees and a roaring fire, coffee and, most importantly, solitude. It sometimes has a labrador (which is a bit odd; I am not a dog person). The house is on a pier on a lake, surrounded by a pine forest. No-one ever goes there but me.

The second place is a small apartment, with the softest bedclothes and antique furniture. It's really comfortable and old fashioned, stylish in a sort of faded, elegant way. There's nothing in the fridge save a bottle of champagne and is often the venue for more saucy imaginings (ahem). Both places bring me freedom and happiness and, in most instances I need them, I want to be alone in my happy place.

It was whilst watching Miss Marple that I realised that I am yearning to be child-like at the moment. Not childish; child-like. I would like to be somewhere cosy and clean, old fashioned but elegant, to be freshly washed and tucked up in an old single bed where I could just be me and free of all responsibility. I don't actually have a lot of responsibility at the moment, but day to day life is dragging me down. I just feel as though if I could sleep, for a very long time, I would awake feeling refreshed and have a much better idea of where I am going in life. As it is, I still haven't much of a clue.

This picture, from the same January 2010 edition of Country Living, sort of sums up the feel of the place I want to be:


Laundry - the smell of hot cotton and the soft touch. Hmmm. 



  1. I am guessing "anywhere but here" doesn't count lol! I would like to be on a hot beach somewhere, access to all you can drink ice cold diet coke and as many trashy novels as I can read. Oh and no children for miles around. Failing that a Superking 4 poster bed made up with white egyptian cotton sheets and light white muslin curtains, soft mattress and a cool silk night dress.

  2. Ooh Vix, that sounds lovely. Especially the no children bit! I would say 'I'll join you' but that would be wrong ;o)

  3. LOL, well they say misery loves company!

  4. There are lots of places from my childhood I like to recall, and I have revisited them, and while they don't ever seem to have the same kind of magic, they do often retain a warm familiarity from being thought about so much.
    When I start thinking about lovely holidays I always think about the lovely feeling of getting a bit too hot, having a quick dip and then drying off, only to do it all over again...