Saturday, 30 October 2010



Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not feeling very inspired by Halloween this year, so my lovely ball of fluff, Bob, will have to suffice. He's just a bit Halloweeny, isn't he? Halloweeny cute, maybe. Christmas, however, I am looking forward to. In fact I've bought all our presents, except three, and I even intend to wrap them next week. But Halloween and Bonfire Night? I've lost my mojo this year.

It's a glorious autumn day here - that lovely golden, pinky light - and the trees are a stunning range of yellows and oranges and reds. I really should get out there with the camera, but I can't motivate myself. The only good thing about Halloween, as far as I am concerned, is the carte blanche chocolate eating. That I shall enjoy, yum yum.

It's a busy time here at Bee towers. Dom has just got the honey in for the winter and the bees are settling down in their hives. They form a ball shape that constantly moves, so the ones on the outside move inwards where it's warm, and they each take a turn on being on the outside where it's cold. Amazing, isn't it?

I'm preparing for Christmas sales by getting a whole new load of stuff into the shop. I'm terrified it's not going to sell. There's no real reason for my anxiety, but it does worry me enormously. I think that's one of the downsides of working alone - you know you have to keep on developing, and keep on making things, but you don't have that reassurance that what you are making is actually wanted by real people. I'm not a natural business woman. I wish I could have a bit more confidence in myself. I was very humbled and reassured to see that a fellow craftswoman and Facebook friend was having a similar crisis of confidence this week, awful as that sounds. At least I'm not alone!

Anyway, I'm off to perk myself up with coffee and brave thoughts. I shall leave you with my Fireworks scarf, as it's rather festive.


Claire x


Monday, 11 October 2010

Darker Nights, Lighter Me.


Well hello there guys and dolls. I hope you are all doing well, and are not minding the shorter days too much? I love them, actually. I always think I love  spring best and, much as I do love it, there is something so romantic about the changing colours of autumn, and the mists and dew and fruit. It's a throwback to school times, I think, but September to me really feels like the month of new resolutions and routines and commitments to be better. Usually, at this time of year the commitments are personal; to cook from scratch more, to keep the house tidier. I rarely manage the latter, but to hell with it. I keep trying, and that's what matters.

It's been a BRILLIANT month or so. I have felt so, so much better. The depression is starting to lift - HOOORAH! I have been willing it to lift for months, convincing myself that it was going and that it's departure could be measured. However, like you embrace the extra minutes of daylight in January and February, it seemed too long in coming and I feared I would never be right again. However, somehow over the summer, my eyes turned away from the depression. And now, like early March, I can definitely see that there's less darkness. It's not summer yet, but it's not winter either. And boy, am I happy to tell you that.

One (rather large) downside to my health issues is that I have recently been properly diagnosed with ME/CFS. However, I'm feeling upbeat about it. I do use crutches and I do have pain but, on the whole, it feels so much more liveable with than the depression and, dear Lord, am I grateful for that. I am still at the stage where I am learning what I can and can't do, and some days I can do precious little. However, that's cool. At the moment I can sit on the sofa and knit, which pleases my soul.

I'm knitting furiously for my autumn / winter season on Folksy. Part of me is chuckling because I really have missed the boat. However, if I can get my lines up my the end of the first week in November I will be pleased. Next year, I will start seasonal knitting MUCH earlier!

I have to stop now - we're having toad in the hole for dinner and it needs my attention. The darkness is drawing in and Dom will just have set off from work. Charlie is watching Ben 10 on television and Jonathan has just come in from playing football, all muddy and smelling of earthy grass and is heading up for a shower. I can't tell you how much I love my little family. It's just a deep feeling of happiness and satisfaction, warm and fuzzy like cocoa on a cold day. I am very lucky to live my life. It has its ups and downs, and its challenges, but I have such special people around me and for that, I am blessed.

Love to you all

Claire x

PS the picture is of my baby knotty hat, knitted for a friend and photographer. You can find it here.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Taa Daa: Superted

In 1978, I used to love listening to my Mum and Dad's Abba tape with the shiny gold curtains shut and the standard lamp on. I used to convince myself that this was what discos were like. I had heard the word, and had some vague idea of what it meant, but no reality to base it on. Then again, I knew my parents had met at "a dance" and innocently imagined their mums and dads to be sat around the edges of the room, watching their children fall in love. The reality of nightclubs was disappointingly less romantic.

It's ironic that, some thirty two years later and at the same age that I was, Charlie now loves nothing more than putting the Mamma Mia DVD on and rocking round the room to the very same songs, in front of our vastly different looking television. Who says technology is important? We share a connection, through the generations, thanks to Benny and Bjorn. Charlie and I get to rock out together, and I get to ogle Piers Brosnan. Wonderful. Although I do occasionally worry who my mother ogled. Curly Fred, from Playschool?


Over this summer I have been keeping myself busy with an original commission from a brilliant client. Her friends had recently had a baby called Ted. She wanted him to have a gift that was truly original and had that retro charm for his Mum and Dad. And so, I spent my time knitting.... Superted!

You can see him, above, as a normal old bear. However, rip off his skin and he becomes a superhero! Two toys in one!


Taa-daa! Superted!



It's been brilliant making him. He's largely been created in front of CSI, as it's completely brilliant and I am obsessed, but also at the beach, the park, on the sofa, at the ball pool and all the other places we've visited this summer.

She also commissioned a Superted jumper!



I'm not very experienced at intarsia, so this was a real challenge for me. However, it's been fantastic! It was in no way as difficult as I thought it would be; experience does count for something - phew! It was made with gorgeous, handspun cashmere and merino yarn from Scotland. Utterly, utterly gorgeous.

The moral of this post is to challenge yourself. My mum always told me that she couldn't do colour work and I believed that, by extention, I couldn't do it either. My aunty used to make brilliant intarsia pieces and I loved them. I thought it was a special kind of witchcraft and one I could never aspire to. I am beyond chuffed that I have made an instarsia jumper. I am a KNITTER!

With love

Claire x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hello old friends!

Monkey hat

Wow, it really has been some time, hasn't it? Well all is well here, I hope it is with you too. The boys have all gone back to school today, so I'm not sure whether to be delighted and enjoying the peace and quiet, or a little doleful. Maybe a bit of both.

As for me, well I'm not the best. I've recently got the diagnosis of ME / CFS / CFIDS. I'm not surprised at all, I've been concerned it was this for quite some time. My main symptom is terrible pain, in both my joints and muscles. I need crutches to walk long distances. I also get very, very tired and struggle sometimes with even very simple activities. I sometimes have other symptoms like brain fog (this morning I couldn't remember how to do up my bra, or how to knit a knit stitch - thankfully that passed!), I have sore throat, headaches and bad moods. The moods are usually associated with the pain though.

The depression has lifted a bit over recent months. The anxiety still knocks about though and some days are worse than others. However, I'm taking a postive mental attitude to all this health crap - I'm exercising gently every day, I'm trying to challenge myself, and I'm trying to pace my activities. I find this the hardest of all! A year or two ago I would have loved someone to tell me I *had* to rest during the day, but guess what?! Doing nothing is harder than you'd think!

I'll be honest, I kind of got myself in a catch 22 about blogging. I didn't want it to be an online whinge. That's not good for you, nor is it very positive for me to do. However, sometimes I don't want to look on the bright side of life either. I just drifted away from blogging because, I suppose, I've been grieving a bit. I also started to get a bit resentful at all those "perfect" domestic bliss type blogs that I previously loved. I guess I was grieving for my old life, for simple happiness, for the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want.

I am learning, though, that I have a different kind of freedom. I can learn things - I'm quite good at that. When my brain is too dulled for reading, I can knit (the physical action requires little concentration and appears to reside in a different part of my brain to the reading bit). I have a family that I adore, and looking after them gives me great pleasure. They also drive me mad! So I'm back with the complicated knot of feelings that exists in my head.

Craft wise, I've not stopped! I'm getting quite a few paid jobs now, which is absolutely brilliant. Do you see my monkey hat above? Doesn't Charlie look gorgeous? That was for a photographer in Leicester. I couldn't get the pattern right and it took about four goes before I was happy that the final result was an appropriate size.

We've had a crafty summer holiday. The boys have been a bit frustrated that I haven't been able to be as active as normal - we've had very few days out swimming, or out wondering around the coast. My legs haven't been up to it. Instead I've spent the time with Charlie teaching him how to sew, and we've face painted, made slime, drawn hundreds of pictures, painted, baked, chalked on the patio, cut out, made collages etc etc. It's been fun. And look at this - I am so proud of my naked sewing five year old!


Charlie sewing

That's all his own work, that is! He has a natural talent! I have high hopes for him!

I'll end this post with my favourite picture of the summer, Jess nestled comfortably on my bonkers blanket. I never did get round to taking a photo of it because I didn't completely finish it! Maybe I'll get back onto that, when I don't have a list of projects in my head...

Jess asleep

Sweet dreams!

Claire x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hello from The Park

Today I am blogging from our local park. It's peaceful here on a Sunday, there's no one around and it's in open countryside. Our cat, Bramble, has come with us, which always causes great excitement. On occasions she even follows Charlie to school (usually when she wants her breakfast)

I haven't posted for a while. The depression got me again. I'd been so much better that it really was very worrying to feel so down again. However, distressing as it was, the black cloud seems to have blown over again. I've no suggestions - like always it seems to be just a case of marking time until it goes. Thankfully, I can be more sure that the black cloud passes over. On the upside, Susannah (my therapist) thinks I am ready for a break from counselling. This is scary but exciting. Am I better? Is this it? Will it just be a case of making the best of it?! I'm beggining to think so, with a heavy heart. I've given up the idea of a medical cure, and wellness being restored in a relatively short space of time.

Therapy had been hard work, emotionally draining but worth it. The anti depressants - I'm not sure they've had much effect, to be honest. I'm scared to stop taking them in case they have. So here it is, brave new world. Blinking and naked and in pain, like a newborn in the light. But I'm almost through it. I have an amazing husband and brilliant children. I have friends and family who love me, a nice home and the ability to keep myself happy with knitting, sewing, creating, baking, gardening, cooking and taking care of the menagery. It would be so much sweeter if I could win the lottery - maybe karma owes me?! But I can't grumble, really. It's just going to be a much longer haul than I originally intended.

With love, Claire xx

Sunday, 30 May 2010


Too much Eurovision, too much home brewed wine. What can I dooo with myself?!

Ahh, there it is. A bit of orange lacework in pure cashmere. Just enough to distract me from my pounding head, but nothing too taxing. With a hot cup of tea. Painful, but worth it. It was fun!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sale number one! Get iiiiiin!

Hooray <does happy dance>

I just wanted to share with you a sketch book I made for the lovely Laura. She wanted me to make something in my bunting theme:

Bunting teaset
So I had a good old think, and spent a few hours in the lady shed messing around with fabrics and embroidery. I came up with this:

Garden notebook front


Garden notebook back cover

Garden notebook side fastening

Garden notebook inside
inside cover

Do you like it? I absolutely loved doing it. It was a steaming hot summer's afternoon and I was having fun messing around with fabric. Thank you, Laura. If you'd like one, you can find them in my Folksy shop, button top right.  

On a different note, I just wanted to check you were OK. I don't know what's in the air at the moment, but a lot of friends have been in touch to say they're not doing so well. Depression seems to be rife, as well as general poorliness. I wanted to send you a hug and ask you to take care of yourself. Promise, yes?

I've just started a knitting project, for me, with pure cashmere. It's bright orange! It's such a delight, both in terms of feel and colour. I'll share that with you next time.

Lots of love!

Claire x

Monday, 24 May 2010

Land of hope and glory!

Patriotism is a funny thing. I love, love, love where I live. I love the damp cold winters of England and the green springs and disappointing summers. I even love the red hot, humid days where everyone wilst and complains, but drags out the barbeque determined to enjoy the heat while it lasts, certain that winter will return next week. Maybe it's not just England that I love, but Englishness, with all it's eccentricities.

Saying that, I've got to the point of boiling rage with some 'friends' on Facebook joining xenophobic groups, using football as the excuse. I had to tear myself away on Saturday because I could feel myself getting far too hot and bothered. I've simmered all weekend, and really should let it go because it's doing me no good at all.

I feel sad that national pride has been banjaxed by a few idiots. It's a shame that any patriotism feels somehow equal to racism. Anyway, it's with this in mind that I have been crafting all weekend, and I am blogging this morning.

At this time of year The Cottage garden is stunning. It is heady with the scent of lilac.


And as colourful as can be:



Yet still full of texture. Everyday on the way to school, Charlie and I stop and blow dandelion clocks.


We've made daisy chains, faces from leaves and shone buttercups under our chins. It makes me smile how these traditions pass from one generation to the next, and how much Charlie loves them.

The bees are beside themselves - drunk with pollen. In fact some get so stuffed that they're too heavy to fly back into their hives and they die. This makes me a bit sad. The rape seed is out near us and it's a glorious sea of yellow.

Number three hive looks as though it might swarm, which is concerning Dom. It already has two supers on and is ram packed with eggs and capped honey. Last year two hives swarmed on the same day and Dom had to go and rescue them in a cardboard box, so we're being super careful this year. He's trying to decide whether to add another super (box full of empty frames for them to build honeycomb in), or whether to split the colony in two, each with their own hive. We lost two of our five colonies over winter, so that would help us get the numbers back up.

Anyway, I must dash as I have things to make. Bet you can't guess what I've been up to these hot spring days? Can you? Well, to give you a hint....


.... Perfect!

With love, Claire xx 

Thursday, 20 May 2010

I've only gone and bloody done it...


Gorgeous lilacs in full bloom, outside my Lady Shed*

... opened a Folksy store, that is. Well, bloody hell. I'm a bit shocked I have actually done it, you know? I have been pontificating and procrastinating for months, you know that as well as anyone. But this week, quite unplanned, it has grown a life of it's own and taken off.

Do you remember Zac's Daddy's Cushion (below?) Well Zac's Mum, Ellie, seemed really pleased with it. She posted a really kind thread on a forum we both frequent about it. There I had five pages of people saying lovely things and telling me to open a Folksy shop. So, I obeyed! I have called Mrs-Bee because a) obviously I am a MrsB, being Mrs Boynton and b) Dom and I wanted to sell honey and set up a bee adoption service (details of which are coming soon). Therefore it seemed sensible to use the bee imagery for both.

A link to the shop is here:

What's more, I am delighted to say that I have had an overwhelming interest and all of my items have been on the home page already! Well, you could knock me down with a feather.

Folksy front page 1 crop

(see Fairisle iPod case, in centre)

 Folksy front page 2
(Jolly Roger bunting, top left)

Folksy front page 3
Little Picasso daddy cushion, centre right

Fullscreen capture 20052010 170030
Fuzzy felt wreath, bottom left

Fullscreen capture 20052010 170636
Felted Fairy Bowl, top right.

I think part of the reason I am so amazed is that I never thought I would go into business again. Losing the last business was such a horrible, belittling experience that I never thought I would get the courage again. This may be big or tiny, who knows. The point is that I have tried again. And that makes me feel rather proud of myself, if I do say so myself.

See you soon, lovely blogger

Claire x

   * in case your wondering, my Lady Shed is sort of like my studio, but that word feels a bit too grand. It's a girl's place, with girl's stuff in it and boys are not allowed in. Dom's equivalent is called the 'man hole' - fnar!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Taa-daa Zac's Daddy's Cushion

Well, it's been a strange few days. Firstly big changes within the government. I'm not a Tory voter, so I am curious about this new hybrid government and concerned in equal measure. Also, Charlie's been poorly and at home, which throws the normal routine out of the window. Jonathan is being the typical sulky, stroppy teenager after weeks of good behaviour, and I am finding it very frustrating. Dom is very tired and prone to being sulky and a bit snappy - I was concerned until I remembered that it always seems to happen at this time of year; it must be an end of the school year thing.

I am feeling decidedly off colour still and am being tested within an inch of my life by the doctor, who suspects a thyroid problem, or ME. I am not sure how I feel about this; I am not good at feeling ill. Doctors intimidate the crap out of me.

Anyway, a bit of good news. I have pretty much finished my first ever paid order - Zac's Daddy's cushion. Shall I show you? 


Essentially the idea is to transfer a picture onto fabric by using embroidery. This was Zac's original picture:

There's a little bit on interpretation involved, just to make the picture stand out, but very little really. This is a picture of Zac and his Daddy playing. I absolutely love doing these cushions; I love the drawings that the children do. It feels a real priviledge to get into their minds a little bit. The drawing is then surrounded by a funky fabric, made to request. On this one I had free reign.

It's not completely finished as my sewing machine decided to blow up yesterday - I. Am. Not. Impressed - the bloody things is almost new! The air was a bit blue and sweary, so I had to take a break and calm down. I am going to relax with a cup of tea and an edition of CSI, and then get back to it.


I hope you have a good, creative day today.


Claire xx

Monday, 10 May 2010

Community Love

The first time I heard of a community blanket project it made me cry. I was a new member of Ravelry and read about a group where a long standing and popular member had been diagnosed with cancer. Each member of the group secretly knitted a square which someone patiently joined together, so a blanket filled with love could be sent to the sick friend. It really resonated with me at the time as I was starting to feel ill and the idea of such time and love, as well as the physical comfort it would bring, seemed overwhelming.

The first time I knitted in a similar project was in very sad circumstances. A member of an online community I belong to had lost her daughter at two days old. It later transpired that the home made blanket the little girl was wrapped in was lost somewhere between the NICU and Funeral Directors. Our friend was understandably very upset, so we knit another for her. So many people contributed that it ended up being pretty massive, and our friend, the Mama, said she used to enjoy wrapping herself in the blanket and thinking of all those people who cared about her and her little girl. I was very proud to be a part of that.

This weekend I was contributing to a blanket under much happier circumstances. I can't tell you too much as it's still secret and there's an outside chance the recipient will stumble across this page. Suffice to say, she's very much loved in our little group,and has just given birth to a perfect little girl after a very worrying pregnancy.

Here are my two squares. I can't wait to see the finished thing.

And if you're feeling a bit Monday-ish and blue today, remember there are people who think a lot of you, and they may not be the first ones that spring to mind.

With love, Claire xx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Jolly Rogering The Second

Lordy, it's been a right old faff trying to work out how to add photos. However, I think I have finally done it, thanks to a handy app. So, here's Roger in his first stages of life. Embryonic Roger:

With the little button brads that are (aaargh?!) to become his little button nose:

With his brothers and sisters:


I am a proud pirate mother, so I beee. Aargh, me hearties.

With love, Claire xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jolly Rogering

Hi gang! How are you? I hope all is well.

This is a bit of an experiment. I am posting from my new iPhone. I

have already lost a post and I have no idea whether I can add photos.

also I only have 15% of my battery left! Having said that, I am loving

the little thing, it's amazingly creative. it's a bit like learning a

new language, but hey-ho.

At the moment I am working on some pirate bunting for my soon-to-be-

here Etsy shop. And there are oh-so-many oportunities for innuendo,

it's been like living in a Carry On film. Oooh Matron!

Its been a lengthy process - I have cut out and edged 54 bones and

accompanying skulls, jaws, eyes and noses. It's been fun, though, as I

have been sitting in the garden sewing and enjoying the lovely sunshine.

Hopefully there will now follow some pictures ..... ;o) if not I will

sort it out when I next get on the laptop.

Lots of love

Claire xx

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Spring is in the air

Gillian chapman felts folksy
Inspiration from a lady who really inspires me, Gillian Chapman (

You know what? I swear I saw a few flakes of snow this afternoon. I checked carefully to make sure they weren't cherry blossom, and they weren't. However, until more are evident I shall be ignoring this and pretending spring has well and truly sprung.

I'm a bit tired this afternoon, I've had a long and very emotional session with Susanna, my therapist. I treated myself to a dirty McDonalds on the way home though, to cheer myself up! Now I could just sleep. Yesterday I was reading how a smoothy made of Kale is very refreshing in the afternoon. Hmph. It doesn't sound as nice as a dirty Maccy's does it?

It's been a busy few weeks craft wise - I have been getting involved with all sorts of knitted and felted projects. I've been sorting out the Lady Shed too, and it's almost done. I hope to make some curtains tomorrow, and then get some pictures to show you. Quite frankly, I am ashamed of how much stuff I have. Apparently, I have a real talent for keeping bits of stash in different bags all over the house. Sometimes there are bags within bags. This is the first time I have got it all together and, even though it looks ace, I can't shy away from the scale of my addiction. My stash has to have it's own room <wail>

On the subject of pictures, isn't the heart brooch above to die for? I love the colours and the stitching, the beading and, well everything. It really makes me gushy. I really like how the stripes of radiating stitches give the piece a 3D feel. I would love to be able to make something that looks like this.

I am trying to 'firm up' a wreath at the moment. I crocheted the wreath bit, double thickness, and then sewed wire to strengthen. However, now the felted flowers are on, it droops a bit. I have applied spray starch and, although it's still drying, it looks a bit droopy. Any suggestions?

At the moment I am working on the Strangling Vines Scarf by Nicole Hindes. I'm doing it in Kidsilk Haze, a very fine mohair. It's hard going because the yarn is so skinny. It's also lighter than air, so it really does feel as though you're knitting  a spider's web.

Strangling vine scarf 

I'm off to have a go now. What are you working on at the moment?

See you tomorrow. Lots of love

Claire x

Monday, 12 April 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Whitby April 10

Well, it's the last day of the Easter holiday for the boys, and the first day back at work for Dom. To ease the shock (and my guilt) I have made some homemade bread and lamb tagine for dinner tonight. I am feeling guilty because I took Charlie to school on a teacher training day. Oh my! Black mark in the good mothering chart, again.

I hope you are well and it's lovely to see you again. Isn't the spring weather lovely? This morning I was singing 'my favourite things' in my head and pondered upon the line 'silver white winters that melt into spring'. We sure had a silver white winter this year, but not much melting. January was snowy, February was cold and grey and damp, and then in March it was like someone turned the dial to 'spring'. One day of lovely sunshine and we never looked back.

We had a fun Easter - I had a go at making my own chocolate eggs (fun) but left it until Easter Sunday morning before the kids got up (stressful). Will I never learn?! In my defence, Dom and I had had some horrible virus, but really I should have done better. I did, however, bake a trio of cakes (Bakewell cake, simnel cake and passion cake), make lemon curd, and freshly bake a plaited easter loaf so that our families all got an "afternoon tea" hamper as a gift. Domestic goddess reputation restored then ;o) Sadly I did not take any photos as I crawled into bed to feel poorly and sorry for myself not long after.

We had a fab day at Whitby with our friends Andy and Lucy and their daughter Lauren. Andy has an iPhone and Lucy is six months pregnant and I am not sure which I was more jealous of! The broody bat has stayed away, but I do have the realisation that I don't have many years left to make the choice, and now would be a good time career wise. However, I have been so ill over the last year, and I am enjoying my crafting so much .... And so the dilemma goes on. The boys had a marvellous time. They especially enjoyed searching for fossils and were sure they came home with some dinosaur poo. Riiiight.


Charlie, who has recently been obsessed with broken limbs, was sure he had broken both of his ankles when we returned. I did get a bit worried about him as he refused to walk all day. However, the next day, he leapt into our bedroom and shouted "taa-daa! I can walk!" So we experienced a little miracle of our own. I put it down to aching muscles - boy we walked up some big hills. I nearly died, but had to pretend I was really very fit (which I am absolutely, completely and utterly, not). Less cake, methinks.


Whitby is about an hour and a half's drive from our house. Three if you get stuck behind a tractor. There aren't any motorways, so it's pretty coastal roads and 'A' roads all the way which I love, and reminds me of Sunday School Outings and old fashioned days out.

Funnily enough, Whitby feels quite exotic compared to our usual seasides. Locally, they are pretty quiet with just the odd purveyor of buckets and spades and fish and chips. Bridlington is good, but a bit, ummm, scruffy. A bit too much of the chips and amusement arcades for my liking.

Scarborough is really lovely, but I have only been once. Filey I have never been to. I aim to rectify that this year.

Charlie was amused by the donkeys on the beach at Whitby, with their bright painted harnesses and big cow bells. He was desperate for a go, but we didn't get round to it and the donkeys packed up before we realised. Also, there are various boat rides including, as you see above, the pirate ship. It's definitely something I want to do this year too. I love this picture because of it's quirkiness; how I long for a decent macro lens...

Anyway, there are jobs to be done so I will hop off. See you tomorrow.

Claire x


Friday, 26 March 2010

Winter Texture

Winter Texture
In the summer months, I always forget what winter is like. This year I wanted to remember. I wanted to notice the different textures in the garden, when nature has stripped life back to its bare bones. 

February 2010

February 2010

February was a dark and cold month for me, emotionally as well as physically. Still, there were the first glimpses of new life, and the spring yet to come, amidst the death and decay of winter. In this region we had no snow, but it was bitterly cold.

January 2010

January 2010

It was cold, and it snowed heavily almost every day. We had several layers of snow that froze, then got snowed on top of. Even the sunny days were freezing!