Friday, 11 September 2009

Project 19: Dining Room Throw Taa-Daa!

Hello readers, how are you today? It's a lovely sunny but cool day in East Yorkshire and I can hear children playing and lawn mowers mowing in the distance. Everyone is looking forward to the first weekend after the long school holiday. It's Charlie's last ever day at nursery *sob* and I am going to be more upset than he is. The "ladies" at nursery are like extended members of our family.

Anyway, I'm in an up and down sort of mood. I've got lots of ironing done (yay!), have shined my sink and washed and dried clothes and dishes. I have finished Charlie's rainbow jacket this morning and read a book in 24 hours - On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. It was good - sexually charged and suffocating. It wasn't the cheeriest of reads, but worth a look if you fancy something quick. I got it for 99p from our local charity shop; I like that sort of recycling!

On Chesil beach

I got a letter from my employer this morning terminating my employment. Actually, there was no letter, just a form. I am quite hurt. I put my heart and soul into that job and it wouldn't have taken much to say "form enclosed, thanks for your hard work and commitment, we hope you're better soon." Still, lesson learned.

I am also surrounded by pregnant women and new babies at the moment and it makes me feel very complicated. I had terrible post natal depression after Charlie was born and I am convinced that I am in this situation now because I didn't seek treatment early enough then. So, in a week where my baby leaves nursery and starts school, regrets about his babyhood and the wondering whether I'll ever have another baby, whether I'll ever be able to make the hurt better and whether I even want another child are thronging my mind. Ho hum. I'm coming back as a man next time.

Anyway, let's cheer ourselves up. Fancy looking at my lovely blanket? I am very proud of this one. I love the feel of it, the colours (especially the edging), I love how much I enjoyed the project - the whole thing has been marvellous. Anyway, here you go. I present:

Project 19: The Dining Room Throw






Cost: about £100, mainly due to the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I eventually relented and started using leftovers from other projects and acrylics, just to keep the cost down.

Time Taken: 4 weeks

Satisfaction rating: 9/10 - an easy pattern that gave lots of opportunity for playing with colour. I joined the  squares as I went, then did the  rounds of edging before starting more smaller squares. This made the joining feel much less of a chore.

Lessons learned: sew in tails as you go!

So, do you like it as much as I do? This will always remind me of the summer of 2009, especially crocheting squares on three of the local beaches whilst Dom and the children played in the sea. It's been a difficult summer in lots of ways, but there are happy memories too. And I have a fab blanket to snuggle under when I am doing my winter knitting!

I look forward to hearing your comments. I hope to see you again soon xx

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  1. Hi Claire
    Just wanted to say that i LOVE your blanket!! Its really interesting to see it made up in completely different colours to my own, yet still looking vibrant and gorgeous, it really is lovely.
    Have been admiring your Bonkers Blanket too lol, I have not yet made a babette and am contemplating it as my next project...your squares look lush.
    Sending you lots of happy vibes, hope the days are becoming brighter for you