Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jolly Rogering

Hi gang! How are you? I hope all is well.

This is a bit of an experiment. I am posting from my new iPhone. I

have already lost a post and I have no idea whether I can add photos.

also I only have 15% of my battery left! Having said that, I am loving

the little thing, it's amazingly creative. it's a bit like learning a

new language, but hey-ho.

At the moment I am working on some pirate bunting for my soon-to-be-

here Etsy shop. And there are oh-so-many oportunities for innuendo,

it's been like living in a Carry On film. Oooh Matron!

Its been a lengthy process - I have cut out and edged 54 bones and

accompanying skulls, jaws, eyes and noses. It's been fun, though, as I

have been sitting in the garden sewing and enjoying the lovely sunshine.

Hopefully there will now follow some pictures ..... ;o) if not I will

sort it out when I next get on the laptop.

Lots of love

Claire xx

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