Monday, 5 October 2009

Autumn At The Seaside

Hello lovelies. Sorry I haven't been about much recently. It's been a down-in-the-dumps sort of week, nothing awful really, but I just couldn't face posting. I had to run some errands at the end of last week, which I find very stressful still. However, I have made my own lovely hand knitted, Murder She Wrote, tea and cake coccon, in which I am very happy indeed. So I stayed there for the most part. It passed the time in the least painful way possible.

Yesterday, we had the most wonderful day out as a family to Spurn Point, a local beach. I have not felt so wonderful in weeks. I thought I would share the pictures, and some information about glorious East Yorkshire, the forgotton bit of the UK, with it's huge skies and lost coastline.

Beach collage 1

Don't you think my boys look handsome? That picture of Dom makes my insides go all weak. He really is gorgeous, don't you think? Jonny is in that magical not-a-boy-not-yet-a-man-stage, his bone structure is changing, he's growing like a weed but the hormones haven't seriously kicked in yet so he still has the most lovely skin. Both my sons have the most adorable skin, I can't even begin to describe how velvety soft it is. And it smells divine.

Beach collage 2 

We walked about 5 miles all in, and took a flask of tea and some chocolate to share on our trusty beach blanket. It was a warm autumn day with a light breeze. Spurn is literally a headland and when you walk down the road you have the Humber estuary on your left, and the North Sea beach on your right. We walked on both sides, enjoying the smell of the salty air and the seaweed.

Beach collage 3 

The sea at this part of deserted beach is so sandy, it looks like hot chocolate. Which might sound odd, but it isn't in the least unpleasant. The Holderness coastline is one of the fastest eroding in the UK, so there are all sorts of treasures to be found. The area was used as a military defence in the wars, so great chunks of brick, concrete, wire and rope can be found washed up on the shore, where it's been washed off the cliffs. It is such a private, desolate, dramatic coastline and I love it.

Beach collage 4

We collected treasures and bought them home to go on our impromtu nature table. It's happened quite by accident, but I love it so. Last week Charlie collected leaves, conkers and sticks, quite unprompted by me, and arranged them on the side table Dom made. This morning I arranged our beach treasures (top right, above). I wonder what next week will bring? Each time I see them my heart does a little skippety-skip.

The day ended, cold and red nosed, with home made minestrone soup waiting in the slow cooker, fresh bread and home brewed bitter. Lovely.

Take care, Claire xx

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