Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Project 22: Baby Feet


My friend from Ravelry, Julie has just given birth to twin girls. I wanted to make something she'd love (and I would secretly covet) so I had a go at these lovelies. Aren't they adorable? I love making baby girl things, having had two boys. And these were a cinch.

I first had a go earlier in the year when I was trying to learn how to 'make one' in knitting. This was a perfect pattern. However, I ended up somehow with three left feet! This time, at least, I got it right.

Cost: one ball of Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK (£3.50)

Time taken: one day

Lessons Learned: make-ones. Also the importance of reading the pattern accurately and not just assuming you know what to do. Perserverence and self discipline is important when learning a new skill.

Satisfaction Rating: Challenging, cute and quick to make so it's a high one - 9/10

We had a lovely weekend, I hope you did too. Hull fair was great fun - the boys really enjoyed good, old fashioned rides like the helter skelter and children's roundabouts with cars on, and the ghost train. Charlie won a toy that flashes in the dark on the 'hook a duck' stall and it hasn't left his side since. We pigged out on roast pork and apple sauce sandwiches, and came home with a bag full of brandy snaps, cinder toffee and nougat. YUMMM....

See you tomorrow, I hope you keep the ghosts at bay. I'm struggling with mine a lot at the moment and suspect a change of medication may be in order, but I'm giving them as little head space as possible. The equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and saying 'lalalala, I can't hear you.' So, up yours, gremlins!

Love and hugs, Claire xxx

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