Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Mojo Returneth!



Ye-haaw! The mojo seemed to come back overnight, thanks to my lovely husband, some chair painting, some hookey loveliness and a couple of good episodes of Hustle. Oh, and an Indian Takeaway. Sometimes the only way to get back on track is to spoil yourself.

I won't focus on this long, but I do think it gives some sort of context. In the last few weeks, a friend has had his home repossessed, another been taken to court along to same route and I am worrying about them both. In addition to this, another friend has been feeling suicidal, another has had a miscarriage and - on top of this - the baby of someone I 'know' on a forum I visit has died. It's hard to feel positive when you're heart is breaking for someone else, isn't it? Even if it's someone you know at arms length then it's perfectly possible to feel for them, quite deeply. I wish I had a fixing wand but, sadly, I don't. However, I think it's natural to feel upset and vulnerable when you hear of other people's bad news. I really hope this run of bad luck is over now.

Anyway, to more positive things. If bad news teaches us one thing, it must be to enjoy and appreciate what is good in the world while we can.

I am having an arse of a job uploading and editing all 135 photos I have collected, but I am itching to take some more, which is a good sign I think. I will keep this post at the top, but will post retrospectively as though I have been posting at the right time all along ;o) Please read through - and please accept my apologies for shoddy blogging.

<biiig group hug to you all. You keep me sane, you really do>

Claire x

* The picture is of my chicken, Ginger. She keeps escaping her run, naughty thing. She has lots of mojo, and I suspect nicked mine. Look at her standing there with a blade of grass in her beak, looking like some French model smoking a cigarette.

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