Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Project 2 Taa-Daa: Felted Bowl

I have been wanting to have a go at felting for some time but, for some unknown reason, had been putting it off. I think fear of the unknown sometimes makes me retreat from doing the things that interest me the most - weird, huh?

My first go at felting was unsuccessful - it was a stripy bowl, but some yarn didn't felt whilst others did. It became a small, floppy -in-places-but-stiff-in-others, tiny beret. Which gave me an idea!

I really enjoyed knitting the Pat and Julia Beret for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas (which became affectionately known as the Bumhole Beret. Rather embarrassing as the pattern author favourite-d it on Ravelry...) Anyway, I decided to have a go again, and felt the resulting beret.

I stuck it in a 60 degree wash with a few pairs of jeans. The anticipation was immense. This time I used 100% wool (like, durr, but I had read things on the internet where pepole claimed yarn of up to 50% wool content could be felted - THEY WERE WRONG!)

Anyway, here 'tis. I am pleased. I have some lovely mother of pearl buttons with which to embellish it too, soon.

Felted bowl 1

Felted bowl 2

Satisfaction Rating: Knitting the hat - 5/10, been there, done that. Felting - 10/10. You do nothing except wait with baited breath for the wash cycle to finish. Perfect!

Cost: one skein of 100% wool yarn - £4.00 (ish)

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