Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Project 3 Taa-daa : Pottery Class

Pottery class 2
Pottery bowl

You know what? I don't enjoy my pottery class on a Friday morning anywhere near as much as I thought I would. I had dreamed of pottery for ages, but I haaate the tutor, he's really crap. He expects you to get on with your own thing, and will then come over (sometimes weeks after you started, having watched you get on week after week) and say "you've done that wrong."

It's no surprise I don't enjoy it really, is it?

Anyway, here is my offering. The idea of the roses was to put them on wire in the kitchen window, like a cross between a net curtain and a mobile. I will take a photo if I ever get this done.

I like the glaze on the bowl; it was the best of a bad bunch. Unless it's pottery with those 1970s brown spots then, frankly, Mr Teacher 1) thinks you are an arse and 2) won't allow you to do it.

Satisfaction Rating: 1/10. Crafting should not be combative.

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