Monday, 27 July 2009

Project 18: Purple Lace Scarf

Did I tell you that we were renovating our kitchen and dining room? Yes? Well, given that I was juggling 2 jobs, a business, a family and depression it was, in hindsight, a marvellous decision to add a little more stress and aggrevation to the mix - not. I am thrilled with progress, although we've still a long way to go and we've been working on it since February.

Anyway, I wanted to challenge myself to have a go at a knitted lace pattern, and it was a welcome distraction from the decorating. It was dead simple - knit one, yarn over, knit two together. I love scarves, they're just like a secret hug during the day, aren't they?

Cost: 1 skein of Rowan DK Cotton £1.39from

Time taken: 2 days

Satisfaction Rating: 7/10. It was nice to learn a new skill, but the simplicity of the pattern eventually became a little tedious.

Purple lace scarf

Purple lace scarf 2

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