Monday, 27 July 2009

Project 14 Taa-Daa

God how I love this blanket. Inspired by the seaside, I tried really hard to get lots of different textures in as well as colours of the sea. I designed it to go on our bed, but it's a bit too small! I *may* have to invest in a chair to go in our bedroom, ideally a Lloyd Loom one. Which (oh bum!) means I will also have to crochet a cushion to go with it.

I have learned several things: weaving in the ends is a complete pain the arse. Next time I will weave as I go. I still haven't weaved them all in, I aim to do a few every now and then to spread the pain. Blocking really helped. As I used several different type of yarn (merino wool, acrylic, bamboo, cotton and mixes of various sorts) the tension was not the same in all the squares. However, I wet blocked the blanket and it really, really helped. I do love the fact that I used different textures though, it really works. I think I am motivated by texture more than by colour.

Cost: blimey, I didn't keep track. Approximately £50 I think.

Time: 16 weeks approximately

Satisfaction rating: 8/10 - those ends downmarked it.

Seaside afghan1

Seaside afghan2

Seaside afghan3

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