Monday, 27 July 2009

Project 17: Hot Water Bottle

When I was a child, I have fond memories of our "poorly blanket." It was a crochet blanket, dominantly black, that got brought out every time my brother or I were ill. We were allowed to sleep on the sofa underneath it - the only time this was allowed - with the pillows from our bed and usually a glass of Ribena.

We also had a hot water bottle with a pink crochet cover - and a rather tatty, fuzzy well loved thing it was too. But it had a sort of dignity, it felt as though it had been there forever, waiting to dispense comfort when we were feeling under the weather.

I have been overwhelmed by a desire to create something similar for my little family - a few items that give comfort when we are at our most vulnerable. We had a hot water bottle with no cover that was transparent with plastic fishes that floated inside when it was filled with water. It was cute but impractical - who looks at a hot water bottle when it's empty and not needed? And when it was filled with hot water, it was too hot to hold. So I took pity on it.

The crocheted body started off life as a tea cosy - it's just strips of double crochet. However I just made it far too large, so needed to frog it. In the end I decided to join it together at the side and bottom and make this cover. The polo neck was knitted from a rib pattern adapted from a polo neck jumper, but with a few yarn overs to allow space for the pom pom tie.

It's not been used yet, but just knowing it's there in the cupboard, just in case, is comfort enough for me at the moment.

Cost: about £10 in various yarns

Time taken: 4 days approx

Satisfaction rating: 8/10. Quick and relatively easy. If i did it again, I would shape the sides so there's not so much bulk.

Hot water bottle

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