Friday, 6 May 2011

On Days Like This The World Should Stop

Today my friends and I received the most awful news: the son of our friend had died in his sleep. He was excited about his third birthday this week. 

There is no clear reason for his death, it was sudden and unexpected. I think I speak for us all when I say that I feel lost, unable to find the right words and bewildered. Lord only knows what his mum and dad are feeling.

I've been trying to find the right words, helpful words, comforting words, all morning. Words that can express how devastated I feel, and how much love I want to send his parents. That express how grateful I am for every moment with my own little family, and how much I need to have them with me right at this very moment. Words that will allow me to understand what has happened, and to give comfort to others.

Words have never felt so inadequate.

I'm not a great photographer, but I have taken some photographs in my garden today, looking at the little things. And praying that William will sleep tight, that his parents and sister will find peace and that no other little one will be lost. God bless you, William.


When I was editing, I spotted this. It wasn't taken today, but it seems strangely apt. Written by my five year old, I am sure that if William could say anything to his mummy and daddy and big sister right now, this would be it:


Lee-ann, if there's anything I can do then please, please ask. My thoughts and prayers and love is with you *squeezes hand*


  1. What awful tragic news, so very sad, I'm sure your friend will appreciate you being there for her and her family at such a devastating time. So sorry x

  2. Oh God that is heartbreaking. I think anyone who is a parent feels this sort of news quite stirs up our very worst fears. I wish you strength to help and support your friends at such a terrible time xxx

  3. Such a horrible horrible thing to happen. Thinking of them all.
    Beautiful photos too

  4. Awful news :( but lovely photographs xx

  5. What terrible news. It makes you feel so helpless and lost. Cx