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101 in 1001 Challenge


1001 in 101 : The Project

It's January 2010 and I am starting to feel as though I am recovering from the depression. I need something to keep me busy, and to help me keep pushing myself and putting me out of my comfort zone little by little. The 1001 in 101 project seems ideal.

The idea is to make a list of things you want to do over the next 2.75 years of your life. Each task must be achieveable and time limited. Since I have recently experienced a very driven stage of my life in which target setting was a daily task, I will prioritise goals that I believe will bring me greater life satisfaction, happiness and self awareness. These may well be trivial to others, but will hopefully help me achieve my biggest goal: to discover who I am now and what I want to do with my life.

More information about this project can be found here:

Start Date: 1st January 2010

End Date: 29th September 2012

The List

Items crossed out have been achieved

Items in italics are underway

See below the list for evidence!

Items Relating to The List

1. To write my list of 101 things and upload to my blog. (1/1)


2. To make 5 phone calls a month. (3/165)

3. To answer the door whenever it knocks.

4. To go on an aeroplane. (0/1)

5. Smile when I want to cry.

6. Clear the credit card (£0/£8,000)

7. Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle (0/1) 

8. Ride on a rollercoaster (0/1)


9. To check my bank balance once per week. (2/143)

10. To dye my hair at least 4 different shades. (0/4)

11. To read a book every 3 months. (0/11)

12. To wear wacky socks every day for a month. (0/30) 

13. To paint my toe nails a different colour every week for 2 months. (0/8)

14. To have a new hair style. (0/1)

15. To visit 3 stately homes. (0/3)

16. To visit at least two art galleries (0/2)

17. To visit at least one photography exhibition. (0/1)

18. To paint at least 50 watercolours. (0/50)

19. To crochet a handbag. (0/1)

20. To write a letter to the me that was in 2000. (1/1) see below

21. To write myself an letter that I will open in 2020. (0/1)

22. Make a will  (0/1)

23. Have a massage (0/1)

24. Have a facial (0/1)

25. See five films at the cinema (0/5)

26. Buy a piece of artwork I love (0/1)

27. Buy false eyelashes and wear them on a night out (0/1)


28. To go to the dentist (0/1)

29. To eat my 5 per day every day for 30 consecutive days. (0/30)

30. Have at least two alcohol free days per week. (3/286)

31. Go 30 days in a row without eating takeaway. (0/30)

32. Go 30 days in a row without eating chocolate. (0/30)

33. Go for five bike rides (0/5)


34. Spend at least 10 times beekeeping with Dom. (0/10)

35. Have at least one date per month with Dom, even if it is at home. (0/33)

36. Spend six weekends away with Dom. (0/6)

37. Send my husband a love letter (0/1)

38. Kiss in the rain (0/1)


39. To start an open diary to Jonathan. (0/1)

40. Take the children swimming 5 times. (0/5)

41. Go camping four times. (0/4)

42. Own a new pet. (0/1)

43. Have a picnic. (0/1)

44. Go for ten walks on the beach. (0/10)

45. Create a piece of art with the boys for the playroom. (0/1)

46. Teach Jonathan to cook five dishes (0/5)

47. Teach Charlie to read (0/1)


48. Give 5 'I saw this and thought of you' presents. (0/5)

49. Send 10 handwritten letters. (0/10)

Helping others / the planet

50. Donate something for charity each month (money, time, items) (1/33)

51. Perform five acts of random kindness (0/5)

52. Donate blood four times (0/4)

53. Plant a tree for each decade of my life (0/4)


54. To learn how to do interstarsia knitting and produce an item. (0/1)

55. To open an Etsy shop to sell my hand crafted items. (0/1)

56. To knit a pair of socks. (1/1)

57. To knit a handbag. (0/1)

58. Make three quilts  (0/3)

59. Knit an item using only double pointed needles (0/1)

60. Make and felt an item for the house (1/1)

61. Dye a skein of yarn (0/1) 

62. Learn how to spin yarn (0/1)

63. Make an item of clothing for myself (0/1) 

64. Make an item of clothing for Charlie (0/1)

65. Attend a craft fair both as a buyer and a seller (0/2)

66. Crochet a handbag (0/1)

Blogland and T'interweb

67. Update my inspiration album once per month. (1/33)

68. Keep a blog of your personal achievements and photography that is updated weekly. Read it and feel good about your place in the world.  (2/143)

69. Leave a comment on someone else's blog every week (2/143)

Home and Garden

70. Hatch duck or hen eggs (in an incubator!) (0/1)

71. Grow at least 10 different sorts of veg. (0/10)

72. Take a course in butchery. (0/1)

73. Slaughter and cook a hen. (0/2)

74. Have cut flowers every fortnight. (0/72)

75. Decorate play room (0/1)

76. Decorate lounge (0/1)

77. Decorate hall (0/1)

78. Finish kitchen (0/1)

79. Make blinds and curtains for dining room (0/4)

80. Landscape / move plants to front garden (0/1)

81. Make new vegetable plot (0/1)

82. Use the Lady Shed for my projects between May and September (0/5)

83. Put all the family photographs up in the hall (0/1)

Words and Pictures

84. To write 10 short stories. (0/10)

85. To upload a photo every week to HPAD group on Flickr (0/143)

86. Make a photo yearbook of our family life at The Cottage for each year (0/3)

87. Make a photo collage of each month at home in The Cottage. (0/33)

88. To organise my photo files every month. (1/33)

89. Take a photo of 30 happy things. (0/30)

90. Arrange Charlie's baby photos into an album (0/1)

91. Take family photos off computer and put into albums (0/1)

Seize The Day!

92. To make a snowman (1/1)

93. To jump in a puddle (0/1)


94. Cook 101 recipes from my cookery books. (0/101)

95. Bake once a fortnight.(0/72)

96. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant. (0/1)

97. Make a birthday cake for Dom, Jonny and Charlie each year. (0/9)

98. Make a Christmas cake each year. (0/3)

99. Cook a souffle (0/1)

100. Buy meat from a local butchers 20 times (1/20)

101. Try sushi (0/1)



20. Letter to me in 2000

12th January 2010


Dear Claire, 2000


Blimey, I can’t believe that the ‘me’ I am talking to is 10 years ago, it has passed in the blink of an eye.


If I could reach out through time I would give you a hug, because I can see how vulnerable you are, but you don’t realise it just yet.


Your life is about to change massively. It will all feel very frightening and upsetting but please don’t worry, you are going to have a much, much happier life very soon.


The main piece of advice I would like to give you is that life passes too quickly – do what makes you happy.


You have made some amazing, empowering changes in your life recently. The may seem quite small now, but in the long term they will change your life hugely. Learning to drive was the ticket to freedom. Keep practising, and keep on doing things that make you nervous, like driving on motorways. You have bought freedom for yourself and Jonathan, and you will need to make the most of it soon. Furthermore, doing your teacher training will take you to places you never imagined. It might not be the career for the rest of your life, but it will bring you self esteem, money (and consequently, choices) and you will work with lots of lots of brilliant people who will enrich your life more than you can imagine.


There is someone in your life right now who is very toxic and who is very bad for you. You know who that person is. You are hanging on, hoping that they will change and very sure that you can see elements of a nice person; you are imagining it. You and Jonathan will be much safer, and much better mentally, if you can get away and protect yourself from him. At this time, you will not be able to imagine some of the horrible and selfish things he is doing; it will all be revealed soon and you will be very shocked and hurt. You are not to blame in any way for these things.


You will need to be brave, but you can be. Be true to yourself. It will be physically and emotionally painful, but you need to protect yourself and Jonathan. At the moment he is hurting you in several way, but the bruises heal. He does not have inner strength and envies yours. This is your tool for becoming safe.


The next 10 years will be the best of your life, but you need to get through the next 12 months. Be kind to yourself, don’t spend what you haven’t got and don’t work too hard. Life is short and you are lovely enough already. Live, laugh, love.


Claire x


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