Sunday, 1 February 2009

Project Three - felt toys

I don't feel like writing much tonight as I've just had a quite weekend crafting away, so there isn't much to chat about. It's snowing heavily outside and I am hoping we'll get snowed in. Unlikely, I am sure, but there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking ...

Inspired by some of the lovely blogs I have been looking at (and Etsy) I decided to have a go at making some felt toys (my plans from Friday went on hold.) They've been really quick little projects and great fun. I am giving the love birds to Dom as a Valentine's present. We don't usually bother with cards and presents, but I thought this would be something that he could keep, and he seemed thrilled with them (I didn't wait for the day itself, as he was pottering about whilst I was making them!)

I'd love to hear what you think. I've given a finger puppet and a little hedgehog to Charlie to try to destroy, to see how child proof they are. He is very attached to the hedgehog (although I haven't photographed it yet) and is carrying around all the time. I may try to get a picture of him carrying it.




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